Frequently Asked Questions

"Paddock Pro is the best software our farm has ever used. It helps us keep excellent records in an efficient manner. I highly recommend it."


Lori Piedra, Golden Eagle Farm


How much does Paddock Pro cost?

Paddock Pro has a low monthly cost based on the size of your farm and the features and support you need. All Paddock Pro Editions include access from anywhere in the world (including smart phones, ipads, any computer), daily backups, and upgrades. See the Edition Comparisons for more details.

Do I need special hardware or software to use Paddock Pro?

NO. Any computer, laptop, netbook or smart phone with internet access can be used with Paddock Pro. Paddock Pro is Apple friendly so bring your Mac.

Will my data be secure?

YES. Our servers are hosted in a fully SAS 70 compliant data center. This means your data is always backed up, always available, and accessible only to you.

Isn't it safer to have my data on my own computer?

NO. Our servers have redundant power supplies and are locked in a 24hr secured, temperature controlled facility. Your data is backed up automatically to a separate physical machine every day.

Can I access Paddock Pro anywhere?

YES. Paddock Pro is accessible from almost anywhere. Think of it this way, anywhere you can get internet access you can connect to Paddock Pro. Access your secure horse farm information using any computer or internet device from home, while at a yearling sale, from a remote area of the farm, or from the farm office.

How often do I have to backup and save my data?

NEVER. All of your data is automatically backed up, saved and secured in a separate location. Your information is no longer subject to the whims of your office network or your local power company.

Do I have to download new versions or modules?

NO. With Paddock Pro, no downloads are ever needed. System enhancements are immediately available the next time you log in. Paddock Pro customers receive notice of improvements or changes to the system via email and can immediately benefit from the improvements.

What kind of customer support and service do you provide?

THE BEST. Paddock Pro Enterprise Edition customers enjoy responsive phone and email support. We want our customers to get the most out of Paddock Pro and keep in frequent contact to ensure your satisfaction with our services.

Can Paddock Pro help me collect from my customers?

YES. Paddock Pro has the option for your customers to log in to a separate, secure environment where they can manage their accounts and pay their bills online. This will help expedite payment and simplify collections. Your customers will be able to pay you directly using electronic checks or by credit card.

I'm not comfortable with computers, is Paddock Pro hard to learn?

NO. With built in help, a quick start guide, user guide and an intuitive interface, our customers learn our system quickly.

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